Hackers present a serious security threat to your data

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a broad term that describes a cyber attack where hackers covertly gain access to a system and remain inside it, undetected, for a significant period of time in order to achieve a specific goal. Once they infiltrate your system, hackers lurk inside — first carefully mapping the infrastructure and expanding their footprint, then exfiltrating as much data or doing as much damage as possible.


A missed APT attack gives hackers enough time “inside” to inflict catastrophic damage

Hackers go to great lengths to cover their tracks and use sophisticated, next-generation malware that evades even the best antivirus software. They’re not “hit and run” attacks; they unfold slowly, over an extended period. The mean “dwell-time” — or the time an APT attack goes undetected — differs widely between regions. Cyber security companies estimate the range to be anywhere from 71 – 204 days globally, allowing attackers a significant amount of time to go through their attack cycle, propagate, and achieve their objective.


Data collection and storage of long-tail data is critical to identifying security risks proactively

Visibility across your enterprise IT environment, including the network and all endpoints, is key to preventing advanced persistent threats. In order to identify APT attacks early, enterprise networks must be continuously monitored to establish a baseline for system activity and enable security personnel to detect aberrations from that norm. Easy and cost-effective analysis of historical long-tail data is the key to success, and storing the increasing volume of log and event data in Elasticsearch can break even the most robust budgets.


With CHAOSSEARCH, you can now search, analyze and visualize ALL your security and event log data in one place

Be prepared. CHAOSSEARCH provides a comprehensive in-app Data Refinery that delivers data synthesis, enrichment and contextualization so that all security data elements can be correlated to one another and analyzed. Built as a fully managed SaaS service using your Amazon S3, CHAOSSEARCH offers the world’s first cost-effective solution to search, query, and visualize petabytes of log data over weeks, months, and years.

Many companies are using either the ELK stack or an Elasticsearch service, but these solutions do not scale, are complex and too costly. CHAOSSEARCH is not an overlay or an add-on to Elasticsearch, but rather a full replacement of its log search analytics functionality. Only the API is the same. One huge benefit is that existing Elasticsearch users do not have to port their implementations.

Your security operations team can now analyze, without restriction, all of the data they need in order to establish a baseline and configure alerts to watch for deviations from this baseline.

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