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Choosing an Analytical
Cloud Data Platform:
Trends, Strategies &
Tech Considerations

Doug Henschen
Doug Henschen
VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
Thomas Hazel
Thomas Hazel
Chief Technology & Science Officer, ChaosSearch

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  • How trends have evolved cloud-based analytical data platforms and what’s next
  • What organizational realities to consider before considering the tech
  • How tech strategies will influence your data platform decisions
  • What product attributes to look for in lake, warehouse and log analytics offerings
  • A new approach to activating cloud object storage for multi-dimensional analytics



  • Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  • Thomas Hazel, Chief Technology & Science Officer, ChaosSearch


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As organizations move into the cloud, the choices for handling high-scale data for analytical use are flourishing and evolving.

How do we address BI/analytics, data science, security/application monitoring, and log data management workloads?

Do we really need potentially overlapping warehouse, data lake, and security and observability capabilities on top of object storage, or can an evolved data lake or emerging “lakehouse” platform do it all?

Join Doug Henschen, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research and Thomas Hazel, Chief Technology and Science Officer at ChaosSearch for a broad-ranging discussion on the challenges and strategy considerations that go into choosing the right platform.