Modern applications

Modern applications generate an enormous amount of logs on a daily basis

The applications you use on a day-to-day basis may be burying you in data – HAProxy, NGINX, and Apache logs to name a few. Use CHAOSSEARCH to get insight from application logs without having to run Elasticsearch or other expensive 3rd party SaaS search tools. Stream your log and event data to S3 with tools like Logstash or Fluentd — index it with CHAOSSEARCH, and start asking questions in minutes.


Centralize and normalize your log and event data for analysis

Stop spending hours collecting, organizing, and formatting log and event data from multiple locations. Use standard log shippers to stream your log and event data to S3. CHAOSSEARCH will automatically discover and create schemas for your log data and make it available to search or query from the Elasticsearch API or Kibana. Based on a scalable distributed architecture, CHAOSSEARCH easily handles hundreds of TBs.

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Save hours of collecting, organizing, and standardizing your AWS log and event data with CHAOSSEARCH.

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