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Discover what is in the data lake: a ChaosSearch Scavenger Hunt

Application troubleshooting, security event identification, and anomaly detection

March 9, 2022
6:00pm ET

Join us on March 9th for our Kibana Challenge. This 1-hour, interactive, online event will allow you to test out your application troubleshooting, security event identification, and anomaly detection skills as you hunt through ChaosSearch’s cloud data platform.

There will be up to 20 participants joining in the quest to find what has been hidden in the data lake. To begin the adventure, everyone will be provided with their own replica of the same dataset. Each participant will use Kibana to search for the hidden message. Whoever completes the challenge first will earn a $1,000* Visa gift card. Additionally, those who come in second and third will also earn $500 and $250 Visa gift cards respectively.

We would love to see you there! Space is limited sign up today.

To make sure you reserve your spot, we will require a valid cell phone for authentication and verification purposes.

This event is open to residents of North America and Europe only.

*terms and conditions apply

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