Applications deployed to Kubernetes generate an abundance of log data

Kubernetes has grown to become the singular API for deploying microservices. It enables businesses to finally adopt large-scale deployments of Docker applications across multiple cloud vendors. Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and even Microsoft Azure have hosted Kubernetes services that give technical operators the ability to provision a cluster with an API. But this simplicity of allowing broader groups of engineers to deploy their own applications means an explosion of log and event data.

Stream Kubernetes log data to S3

Stream Kubernetes log data to S3

Use the Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd in order to centralize all of your Kubernetes and microservices log and event data to Amazon S3. Connect CHAOSSEARCH™ to your destination S3 bucket with a read-only, cross-account IAM role and get instant insights into your log data. Leverage the low-cost, durable, and secure storage on S3, allowing you to keep months and years worth of your logs. Search, query, and visualize your log and event data using Elasticsearch APIs or tools such as Kibana.

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