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The ChaosSearch Data Platform enables search and analysis of your cloud data with unmatched scale, resilience and cost savings.

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The Data Platform for Scalable Log Analytics

ChaosSearch enables customers to Know BetterTM, delivering data insights at scale while achieving the promise of data lake economics.  The ChaosSearch Data Platform enables search and analysis of a customer’s cloud data with unlimited scale, industry-leading resiliency, and massive cost savings. 

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The ChaosSearch architectural difference

ChaosSearch takes a new approach to dramatically increase data scale while, at the same time, reducing the operational costs of text search and relational analytics. We created the new UltraHotTM universal data format (index) and associated architecture that allows for direct and accelerated analytics on cloud object storage.

The ChaosSearch platform is stateless and uniquely decouples storage from compute and gives you an entirely new way to store, index, and execute your queries at any scale. We enable you to streamline and automate your data management process within your own S3 account — no data movement, transformation, or schema definition.

White Paper: A Detailed Look at ChaosSearch
ChaosSearch Platform Architecture
With ChaosSearch, we no longer struggle to piece together information. Now we have it all in one place without having to move it.
Jimmy McDermott CTO at Transeo

Multi-model data index

With the Chaos Index® PaaS tool, ChaosSearch invented a new, multi-model universal data format that supports both Search and SQL on a unified data set. And with compression ratios equal to or greater than gzip, its benefits are the multiplier effect of small - store less, move less, compute less.

  • Executes text searches, relational queries, and aggregations
  • Supports all data types and sources
  • Automates normalization and transformation of data
  • Optimizes query planning and execution

Distributed compute fabric

ChaosSearch’s unique stateless architecture separates storage from compute. There’s no resource contention, and there are no limits on how many queries or other workloads you can execute or how many users can access the same single source of truth. Data index scale is as performant and dynamic as data query scale. With the Chaos Fabric® SaaS tool, all workloads can simultaneously leverage the compute power they need, when they need it, at high-performance and low cost.


Key Features



Multi-API Support

Amazon S3 REST and Elasticsearch API support


Integrated Kibana

Integrated Kibana with enhancements



Customer dashboard for data analytics and tracking



Multi-user, SSO/OAuth, PCI compliant


Triggers and Alerts

Alerting notification with webhook integrations


Query Performance

Enhanced query management with burst/cancel


Unlimited Ingest

Unlimited data retention and queries



Time series data visualization


Index Management

Index once and eliminate re-indexing


Highly Secure

The security of your data is very important to us. ChaosSearch does not hold or store any customer data - it stays in your Amazon S3. We encrypt all data communication between your bucket and the ChaosSearch platform with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Customer data only exists in memory temporarily during indexing or querying and expires when the request completes. ChaosSearch is the first log analytic solution to offer Storage-base RBAC of your data.

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Disruptive pricing

Log analytics should not break the bank. Because ChaosSearch developed revolutionary technology to handle today’s big data log analysis needs, we are able to pass along substantial cost savings to our customers - up to 80% cost savings over competitive offerings.

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The Refinery Play

No data limits, no data movement

ChaosSearch stores and analyzes data directly within your Amazon S3 cloud object storage (COS), with unlimited data retention, and allows you to search it at scale. With ChaosSearch there is no data movement, transformation, or schema management. Instead, the Chaos Refinery® cleans, prepares, and virtually transforms data - allowing users to programmatically and visually interact with information as needed. ChaosSearch automates and accelerates the process of converting raw data into actionable analytical insights.