Struggling to Add Workloads at Scale?

ChaosSearch adds use cases in minutes, not days or weeks

Adding workloads to your log analysis solution, particularly at scale, is challenging. Typically teams must create one or more data pipelines, estimate and implement infrastructure requirements, and keep up with hardware and software updates. ChaosSearch eliminates all of this time and effort.

Quick Time-to-Insights

  • Add use cases in 5 minutes, not weeks or months
  • High performance indexing within your cloud object storage
  • Fully indexed data sources provide compression ratios upwards of 90%
  • Search, analyze, and visualize directly from your cloud object storage
  • Unlimited data retention, delivers insights not possible with other solutions


For more information, please download our white paper, A Detailed Look Inside ChaosSearch.

Download our white paper: A Detailed Look Inside ChaosSearch