Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
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Chaos AI Assistant: Reinventing Log and Event Data Analytics

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Explore your data in natural language! The Chaos Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT or Amazon Bedrock’s Claude 2, provides the best of LLMs and analytics databases – natural language interface and exploration and deterministic results with unparalleled cost at scale!

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Proactive Vulnerability Hunting with AI

The Chaos AI Assistant allows you to leverage the world’s knowledge and your security expertise to proactively look for vulnerabilities in your systems in natural language and get immediate results from your data leveraging ChaosSearch.

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Features and Benefits

Intuitive Data Exploration

Explore how to best leverage your data to achieve your goals… all in natural language. Finetune analyses with Superset and OpenSearch Dashboards.

Code Co-pilot → Results

The Chaos Assistant can help you write Elastic and SQL queries of your data. But more than that – you can get results leveraging ChaosSearch.

Democratized Analytics

With Chaos Assistant anyone can leverage their expertise and data to be data-driven with tools no longer being a barrier – harness the power of your data today!

Both Secure & with Context

ChaosSearch never shares your data with LLMs. It prompts them with your schema, so the LLM has context, but all queries are executed in ChaosSearch.

Cost Effective & Real-Time

Chaos Assistant is now available in early access at no additional cost and has all ChaosSearch’s benefits - unparalleled cost, scale and flexible real-time analytics!

Democratize Access to Live Data at Scale

With Chaos AI Assistant, you no longer need to be a tool expert to get value from your data! Now you can explore how your data can help you achieve your goals in natural language and get results based on your data right there. With ChaosSearch + OpenAI / Amazon Bedrock all companies & users can be data-driven!

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AI’s Value Without AI’s Issues

LLMs hold great promise but have their own pitfalls - hallucination, cost and security are among the top ones. Chaos Assistant leverages the best of LLMs and databases, so that you can explore data in natural language via LLMs and get deterministic analytical results based on your data through ChaosSearch without any raw data being shared with LLM and at no additional cost.

From Code Co-Pilot to Results

The Chaos AI Assistant helps you write, debug and optimize Elasticsearch and SQL queries. But more than a co-pilot, you can use it to execute queries onto ChaosSearch and go straight from natural language to results from your data. All without sharing any data contents with LLM.


As an Early Access product, we invite you to join our early access program and shape the future of intelligent log and event data analytics. Contact us today to begin your intelligent data analytics journey and witness the transformative power of the Chaos AI Assistant firsthand.