Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
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Chaos AI Assistant: Reinventing Log and Event Data Analytics

Have a conversation with your data! The Chaos AI Assistant is a breakthrough solution that elevates log and event data analytics. Seamlessly integrating with the ChaosSearch Platform, it utilizes AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), enabling you to talk to your data to unveil actionable insights, complementing existing tools like Kibana, OpenSearch Dashboard, Grafana, and Superset.

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Empower Your Data Analytics with AI

Our OpenAI-powered tool simplifies data exploration and analysis by enabling natural language queries, inviting users of all technical abilities to interact with their data.

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Features and Benefits

Intuitive Data Exploration

The Chaos AI Assistant can help understand your data, make suggestions, process your queries and deliver relevant insights - removing the need for advanced data analysis expertise.

Code Co-pilot

Get intelligent assistance with Elastic and SQL queries, with results kept secure and not shared with language learning models.

Enhanced Collaboration

Encourage teamwork with efficient data sharing and exploration across diverse skill sets.

Real-time Insights

Gain instant visibility into system behavior, security monitoring, and application performance.

Cost Efficiency

Your data is not shared with the model, ensuring minimal ChatGPT charges.

Unleash Your Log and Event Data Potential

Register for a personalized demo and explore how Chaos AI Assistant can help your organization leverage the full potential of log and event data, promote data-driven decision-making, and ensure business success.

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Integrated with ChaosSearch Platform

The Chaos AI Assistant integrates with the ChaosSearch Platform, ensuring a smooth transition for all users, regardless of their previous experience with robust tools like OpenSearch Dashboard and Superset SQL tool set.

Code Co-pilot with Chaos AI Assistant

The Chaos AI Assistant helps you write, debug, and optimize your code, while preserving data security, privacy, and confidentiality; no data is shared between ChaosSearch and the LLM.


As an Early Access product, we invite you to join our early access program and shape the future of intelligent log and event data analytics. Contact us today to begin your intelligent data analytics journey and witness the transformative power of the Chaos AI Assistant firsthand.