The Data Lake Engine for Scalable Log Analysis

Fully managed service
Fully-Managed Service

No knobs, tuning, or infrastructure

Unlimited Data Retention
Performance at Scale

Scale to 100's of terabytes

Amazon S3
All on Amazon S3

Run log analytics in your cloud storage

Optimize Costs
Disruptive Pricing

Up to 80% less expensive than other solutions

Struggling with Elasticsearch or an ELK Stack?


A Detailed Look Inside ChaosSearch

  • A perfect intro to our company and solution
  • Learn why existing solutions struggle (e.g., data movement and sharding challenges)
  • Dig into the technology that drives our platform
  • See how we bring you the benefits of scale and quick time to insights

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We're able to process 10's of terabytes a day of Cloudflare log data without worrying about performance or system failure.
Stephen Salinas Engineering Lead at HubSpot
Designed for enterprise scale
Less Expensive
Reduction in Index Size
Faster Data Index