New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
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Know Better®

The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform indexes your cloud data, enabling search, SQL and machine learning workloads with infinite scale, lower cost, no data movement, and faster time to insights. Activate Your Data Lake and Gain Insight in Minutes.

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With the move to ChaosSearch, 98% of all operational burdens have been lifted from us, allowing us to focus on Anthology specific tasks.
Joel Snook, Sr Dir DevOps Eng
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ChaosSearch empowers customers to Know Better®, activating the data lake for analytics.

One unified
data lake

Multi-model access
(Search, SQL and ML)

Quick time to value:
No transformation/data movement

ChaosSearch Platform Architecture

Chaos Index®

Never miss a critical insight again because you couldn’t keep enough data. A compressed representation of your cloud object data that is fully searchable and performant with game-changing economics.

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Chaos Fabric®

Chaos Fabric is a stateless architecture, decoupling compute and storage and providing seamless scalability and 99.999% uptime. Your data is always available, and your users gain faster time to insights.

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Chaos Refinery®

The Chaos Refinery cleans, prepares, and virtually transforms data - allowing users to programmatically and visually interact with information as needed, without the pain of pipelining, cleansing, engineering or ETL work.

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The Difference

While all other solutions require complex data pipelines consisting of parsing or schema changes, ChaosSearch indexes all data as-is, without transformation, while auto-detecting native schemas.

The patented ChaosSearch architecture allows for direct and accelerated analytics on cloud object storage. And, the ChaosSearch platform is stateless and uniquely decouples storage from compute and gives you an entirely new way to store, index, and execute your queries at scale.

With this revolutionary approach, ChaosSearch overcomes the cost and complexity of competitive solutions, and delivers unlimited scalability, industry-leading resiliency, and massive time and cost savings.

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With the team at ChaosSearch as our partner, we don’t have to worry about the reliability of our log data or management. We are realizing extra engineering cycles internally to focus on product features that differentiate us - the way it should be.

Jason Standiford


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Getting Started is Easy

1. Store

2. Connect

3. Analyze


Store any/all data in your cloud storage.

  • AWS S3 and GCP have industry leading reliability, resiliency, scalability, cost effectiveness and security built in…. simply use it
  • No transformation required

Revolutionary Architecture Built for the Enterprise


Unparalleled Resiliency Leveraging the Best of the Cloud

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Full Auditability, Governance and Controls

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No Data Movement

No Data Movement and No Behavior Change

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A Disruptive Pricing Structure

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