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Log Analytics for Financial Services

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Digital River

Sixth Street

Innovative financial technology (FinTech) solution providers rely on log analytics and business intelligence to gather and analyze data about every aspect of their applications, infrastructure, services, and customer interactions to develop new financial products and services. FinTech companies such as Digital River, Equifax, and Sixth Street rely on the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform to make all data available for rapid insights at scale that help them understand their customers intimately and guide product and service innovation.

Until now, the data has been a trickle. With ChaosSearch, we’re now ready to turn on the firehose and help our customers, for efficacy and driving growth.

Mark Hill Director of IT Operations, Digital River


Greater log coverage & retention

Keep more data for as long as you need and manage data growth with unparalleled cost-performance at scale.


Rapid insights at scale

Focus on your customers’ experience and developing new financial products instead of maintaining your monitoring and logging infrastructure.


Meet compliance requirements

Unlimited data retention allows you to more cost-effectively store months and years of data and streamline compliance efforts

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