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Know Better™ with a simple effective (Cloud)trail!

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Know Better™

ChaosSearch takes a new approach to dramatically increase your ability to monitor and analyze data at scale while simultaneously reducing the operational costs of text search and relational analytics. We created the new UltraHot™ universal data format (index) and associated architecture, which allow for direct and accelerated analytics on cloud object storage.

Monitoring and analyzing activity within your AWS environment can be extremely difficult at best and a nightmare at worst. This is why AWS offers their CloudTrail auditing service, an API logging tool that stores a record for every service call that occurs anywhere within your AWS account. CloudTrail enables complete visibility into the activity that occurs within your account, enabling you to see exactly who did what, when, and where.

Banners and Alerts


Anomalous activity from users and services.


Years worth of data within just a few minutes.


Long running services, top events and unusual activity.

Monitoring Top Services

For both resource consumption (cost) and user activity monitoring (UAM)

Monitoring Top Services
CloudTrail Logs
Continuous Insights from CloudTrail Data Without the Overhead!
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Discover and Catalog CloudTrail Events Faster Than Ever Before!

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