Pricing Log analysis should not break the bank

Log Analysis Architectures Are Broken

Cut your Log Analysis cost up to 80% with our new technology and architecture

Log analysis should not break the bank. Because most logging solutions use one or both of these technologies - Elasticsearch database and/ or Lucene index - the cost of operation is unreasonably high. ChaosSearch takes a revolutionary approach. We reinvented indexing, which allows us to pass along substantial cost savings to our customers. See for yourself with this price comparison calculator.


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Average Daily Ingest
per month
per year
Cost Per Year

Sumo Logic
30 Days
7 Days
ELK Stack
Data Retention
Pricing based on each company's published pricing as of 4/1/2020

Solutions For Every Organization

Choose the service that’s right for you

For teams looking to get started with logging
$15 / month
Per GB avg. daily ingest
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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited queries
  • 90 day data retention

Min. 50GB avg. daily ingest

For teams needing performance and scale
$20 / month
Per GB avg. daily ingest
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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited data retention

Min. 50GB avg. daily ingest

Functionality Standard Enterprise
AWS EC2 Environment Multitenant Dedicated
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
Data Retention 90 days Unlimited
Queries Unlimited Unlimited
Data Sources Unlimited Unlimited
Integrations checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Data Refinery checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Integrated Kibana checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
SSO checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Elasticsearch API checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
API Access checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Alerting & Webhook Integration checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
SOC-2, GDPR checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
HIPAA, PCI Compliance checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
RBAC checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Dedicated Technical Account Manager checkmark_Heavy-LightBlue
Support Email Support Slack and Email Support
Minimum 50GB/daily ingest Minimum 50GB/daily ingest

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