Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
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New Technology

A Revolutionary New Technology

The ChaosSearch platform can create your schema and mappings automatically. We provide revolutionary technology that delivers schema-on-read concepts, which automatically apply the schema for your data, enabling you to change your schema without ever having to re-index that data.

Load balancers can act as the front door... you never want your customers to be the ones monitoring your site, This is where ChaosSearch comes in. The ChaosSearch platform has the ability to identify and parse your semi-structured log data automatically, which means no wasted time building schemas and configuring data visualization. This allows you to go from raw ELB log data to in-depth answers within minutes. No Elasticsearch. No data movement. Know Better®



Identify your semi-structured log data automatically.

In-Depth Answers

Go from RAW ELB log data to in-depth answers in minutes.


The data is always under your control.

On-demand and real-time data indexing

ChaosSearch can process both on-demand datasets as well as real-time data indexing. If you are continually streaming data into your S3 bucket via Logstash, Fluentd, or even AWS Kinesis Firehose, ChaosSearch is automatically notified of each S3 PUT request and indexes the data in minutes.

Data Indexing
Continuous Insights from ELB Log Data Without the Overhead!
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Discover and Catalog ELB Events Faster Than Ever Before!

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