Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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Elasticsearch replacement and ELK replacement

OpenSearch and ELK Stack Replacement

Simplify cloud native analytics and significantly reduce your spend

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Alternative to Elasticsearch and OpenSearch

Take advantage of your existing cloud object storage (Amazon S3 or Google GCS) to store log data and other telemetry data, achieving 50-80% cost savings over open source search engines like Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) or OpenSearch. Reduce management complexity and retain unlimited data to optimize troubleshooting and trend analysis. Connect to existing tools like Kibana and Trino for an efficient search experience for your telemetry and log data.

Why Switch?

Scale at lower cost with a cloud-native architecture

A serverless, stateless architecture is scalable, highly available, and provides better cost/performance in your enterprise search, as an alternative to Elasticsearch. Store logs and events on your existing cloud storage at a 5-20x smaller size. Small size requires less compute, allowing teams to experience from 50-80% savings at scale.

Advantages of Serverless

efficient data store

Elastic Stack Architecture

Reduce Elastic stack management complexity

Ingest data and add or delete workloads at any time without having to repartition telemetry data. That means no sharding, field mappings/conflicts, or major upgrade reindexing. By using AWS S3 or GCS, there’s no need to store data in memory to achieve fast and reliable search results. Eliminate the cost vs. data retention tradeoffs you face with services like the Elastic stack or OpenSearch, and stop moving data. All data remains hot, with 11 9s of durability.

Avoid Elasticsearch Challenges

Compare ChaosSearch vs. Elasticsearch vs. OpenSearch

Feature ChaosSearch Elasticsearch OpenSearch
Architecture Cloud-native, stateless data lake based on cloud object storage Distributed, scalable search engine Fork of Elasticsearch, distributed, scalable search engine
Data Formats JSON, CSV, TSV, Parquet, Log format, Text JSON only JSON only
Query Language Elasticsearch Query DSL and SQL (Trino) Elasticsearch Query DSL and SQL (SQL Rest API) OpenSearch Query DSL (SQL Rest API)
Storage Data only in cloud object storage (e.g., AWS S3) Indexes stored in distributed nodes (snapshots can be stored in cloud object storage)
Indexes stored in distributed nodes (snapshots can be stored in cloud object storage)
Scalability Highly scalable, designed for petabyte-scale data Horizontally scalable, suitable for large datasets Horizontally scalable, suitable for large datasets
Full-Text Search Supports full-text search Supports full-text search Supports full-text search
Aggregation Supports aggregation queries Supports aggregation queries Supports aggregation queries
Security SSO integration, RBAC, Audit logs and Query Stats SSO Integration, RBAC SSO Integration, RBAC
Visualization tools OpenSearch Dashboards, Superset (SQL) Kibana OpenSearch Dashboards
Pricing model Ingest (GB/day) or Compute/Worker-based Infrastructure-based (Compute + Storage) Infrastructure-based (Compute + Storage)


Equifax achieved 90% cost savings vs. their legacy tools.

"ChaosSearch gives us the ability to simplify our data analytics workflows, and we can now take advantage of the scale of a Cloud Data Platform without sacrificing cost and performance.
Jeff Kinsherf, SVP, Engineering Services
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Simplify full stack observability

Simply stream your data to your cloud storage to get started. Tap into familiar OpenSearch and Superset dashboards to create a search and analytics engine using existing tools. Take advantage of native Elastic and Trino API support, and integrate seamlessly with Grafana and Datadog for full stack observability.

Why Switch?

Modular Observability Stack for Cloud Storage

Real Time Search and SQL Analytics

Experience real time search and SQL analytics without retention limits

Leverage real-time ingestion with unlimited data retention, saving the management pain of Elasticsearch or OpenSearch and the ingestion delays with Athena. Take advantage of:

  • Automatic detection
  • Dynamic mapping of changing schemas
  • Native support of nested arrays
  • Native support of search and relational queries, including joins

The result? A single platform where you can monitor alerts, troubleshoot, and analyze trends over time — across data sources via SQL and Superset. From time series data, to full text search, to real time analysis and beyond — rely on ChaosSearch to enhance your search capabilities.

Compare Elasticsearch Alternatives

Stay secure at scale with an enterprise-grade managed service

Say goodbye to the brittle, unreliable process of sharding, tiering, and replicating data in Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. Ingest data from a variety of data sources seamlessly into cloud storage and handle unexpected spikes without failure.

Take advantage of a secure, scalable log management solution that:

  • Doesn’t store any data
  • Has dedicated compute for each customer
  • Integrates directly with popular SSO providers
  • Is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant

Stay Secure

Secure Enterprise Log Management

One of the best things we’ve gotten out of ChaosSearch is the ability to keep all of our data in S3. It’s cheap and easy to keep all of our data available and indexed. We can search through it at any time to dig deeper into problems that crop up.
Daniel Rodgers-Pryor, CTO
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