New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
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Elasticsearch and ELK replacement for log analytics at scale

Elasticsearch/OpenSearch Replacement for Log Analytics at Scale

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Reduce TCO by up to 80%

Analyze data in place with unlimited data retention and up to 80% cost savings

Eliminate management complexity

Eliminate the need to add, deploy, and manage hardware and software

Deliver performance and stability at scale

Achieve 99.99% availability & dynamically scale system resources to meet demand

Gain a Complete View of Your ELK Stack Costs

Are open-source data solutions, like the ELK Stack, really as simple and cost-effective as they are purported to be?

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At the end of the day, if we wanted to put this in Elasticsearch, this would have been tens of thousands of dollars per month. If we went to put it in ChaosSearch, it’s hundreds of dollars a month. It’s an order of magnitude difference.
Jeremy Foran, Technology Specialist
BAI Communications
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80 Percent Cost Savings

Game-Changing Price/Performance

A true TCO of your ELK stack must include the cost of administration and maintenance as well as difficult trade-offs for data retention. The unique ChaosSearch architecture and technologies consume far fewer resources than a comparable ELK stack - providing cost savings of up to 80%.

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Management Simplicity

Both Amazon OpenSearch and Elastic’s managed service offering require internal FTEs to size infrastructure and manage unforeseen usage spikes that cause downtime. With ChaosSearch’s fully managed service, you won’t need dedicated FTEs to manage infrastructure or build complex data pipelines and schemas for every analytics use case.

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Analyze Data in Place

Analyze Data in Place

With an ELK stack, you need to push data and transform in Logstash or Fluentd. Subsequent changes require time consuming reindexing and re-mapping. With ChaosSearch, there is no data movement, transformation, or schema management. The Chaos Refinery® cleans, prepares, and virtually transforms data directly in your Amazon S3.

Use the Tools You Know

ChaosSearch replaces Elasticsearch and features a built-in Kibana interface to ensure the same experience. Built on a scalable and flexible architecture, you can easily integrate with the popular APIs and tools you know and love to deliver a branded data service to your customers.


Revinate Case Study

With their data growing daily, the cost of the Revinate’s ELK stack was rising while becoming increasingly unstable. With ChaosSearch, the outages of their old ELK Stack are gone. Internal customers in engineering and the business now have a reliable platform to search through and visualize business events.

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Revinate Case Study

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