Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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Complement Splunk with a Unified Data Lake

A fintech built unified data lake with ChaosSearch to complement Splunk

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Lower Costs

Build Security Lake and Be Proactive

Centralize not just telemetry, but also findings and configuration info with unlimited retention and use it to proactively look for vulnerabilities and face advanced persistent threats (APTs), while using Splunk for your monitoring and response.

Leverage Strengths

Best of ChaosSearch and Databricks

Analyze all your data in familiar Opensearch Dashboards and use AI/ML to proactively detect the relevant threats to you, all in your Databricks environment. Future-proof your security today!

Analyze at Scale

Ownership and unified governance

Keep all data in your lake with unified governance and democratize access to it hot in your users’ tool of choice, while storing it in the most cost-effective data store - cloud storage. Keep Splunk for your security operations workflows.

Centralized Observability Platform for Enterprise

Create a unified live data lake across teams

Centralize application, infrastructure and security logs and events and reports across 3rd party applications, creating a single source of truth with unlimited retention across Engineering, SRE, Security and Analytics. Deliver a tier 2 for observability, proactive security and real-time self-service analytics in a single platform.

Build your own best-of-breed observability stack

Develop a proactive security posture

With today’s complex security threats, a single tool is not enough. You cannot just detect threats once they happen, you must proactively look for vulnerabilities to face APTs and prevent the massive breach costs. For proactive threat hunting and meeting stringent compliance requirements, analyze all of your security data in ChaosSearch without retention limits. Keep tools like Splunk Enterprise Security to detect threats as they happen, or a Splunk SOAR to automatically remediate issues as they occur.

Activate Your Security Data Lake

Meet Compliance Requirements with Superior Security Stack

Databricks Hero

The best of Databricks and ChaosSearch, integrated with Splunk

ChaosSearch’s capabilities are now available on Databricks. Now you can centralize your telemetry in your data lakehouse, have all the ingestion flexibility & hunting capabilities of ChaosSearch via the familiar OpenSearch Dashboards, Databricks’ AI / ML capabilities to proactively detect threats based on your data, and can integrate it via API across your security tools. And you can seamlessly integrate it with Splunk via the Databricks Add-On. Build your security lake with a future-proof GenAI data platform!

Ownership, governance, access in the most cost-effective way

By centralizing all your data in a unified data lake in your cloud storage accessible via multiple tools you get the best of governance, cost & democratized access. Use Splunk to leverage the best of an security & observability application, and ChaosSearch for full exploratory freedom across all your data and the organization - 1+1 = 3.

Reduce Costs