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K-12, higher education, and professional development organizations are accelerating investments in EdTech that provide real-time measures of student progress, foster collaboration among students and staff, and facilitate a blended in-person and online learning environment. EdTech firms such as Blackboard and Transeo depend on ChaosSearch for data insights at scale that help them deliver the best learning experiences for their customers. “With ChaosSearch, we no longer struggle to piece together information. Now we have it all in one place without having to move it.” – Jimmy McDermott, CTO at Transeo

The value of ChaosSearch for us has been that we don't have to retain data. We've already retained it. It's just searching through it now. And that's one of the big value-adds that we've seen from ChaosSearch vs. the traditional ELK stack.

Joel Snook, Senior Director of DevOps Engineering at Blackboard (now part of Anthology)


Eliminate administrative toil

Eliminate management overhead and reduce costs without making your users change their behavior or the tools they use.


Faster time to insights

Capture in-depth insights about your customers to continuously innovate and create enhanced learning experiences.


Meet compliance requirements with unlimited retention.

Retain all data and log files for years to comply with the most stringent customer retention policies.

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