Video Series: The 7 Challenges of Big Data Analytics... Start Binging Today! >>>
Video Series: The 7 Challenges of Big Data Analytics... Start Binging Today! >>>
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Data Analytics for Retail and eCommerce

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To remain competitive, retail and hospitality companies must have strong data analytics capabilities so they can develop a deep knowledge of buying behavior and customer experience. In addition, providers of software solutions to the retail and hospitality industries rely on ChaosSearch for those analytics capabilities. Solution providers like Agilence and Revinate use ChaosSearch for rapid, critical insights that help them optimize their customers’ experiences and stay ahead of the competition.

ChaosSearch has been a right-fit solution for us. We have a reliable platform that ‘just works’ without our intervention or care - with incredible support to back it. This is one of the few products that simultaneously delivers real cost savings with real increases in productivity.

Jason Standiford, CTO at Revinate


Rapid time to insights

Capture in-depth insights about customers to optimize shopping and travel experiences and build loyalty.


Innovate faster

Eliminate management overhead and free up engineering resources so you can focus on product improvement and differentiation.


Maximize the value of your cloud data

Keep all your data in Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage and bring in-depth analytics to your data without data movement.

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