Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
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Datadog alternative for log analytics at scale

Reduce Datadog Costs

Use ChaosSearch with Datadog

Love Datadog's monitoring software but don't love the bill? We can help.

Datadog is a great application monitoring and observability solution, but has ballooning costs at scale. In no place is that more evident than in log management. In fact, Vantage showed log management is the top Datadog cost driver. Centralize your logs in ChaosSearch, and pay a fraction of the cost of DataDog with unlimited retention. We guarantee you’ll save money.

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save money on datadog costs with cloud based log retention


Centralize logs to extend retention and reduce budget

Maximize your savings by using Datadog's monitoring tools, alongside ChaosSearch for centralized log management. Or, reduce Datadog’s log retention to three days and use ChaosSearch for unlimited retention, with savings of approximately 40%.

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From operational observability to business observability

Analyze all data with unlimited retention via both Elasticsearch and Trino API (with native join support). Flexibly ingest all your applications’ log and event data. Drive better user retention, monetization, and acquisition by analyzing product usage over time across your organization. Transform your telemetry data into true business insights.

Build Your Observability Stack

Real Time Insights


Take advantage of affordable cloud-based observability at scale

Ingest telemetry from your cloud-native microservices architecture without retention limits. Integrate ChaosSearch with Datadog to analyze your data across teams at a fraction of the cost. Gain true full stack monitoring and observability that improves MTTR, brings real-time product usage insights to your teams, and makes your finance department happy.

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Integrate monitoring capabilities seamlessly between Datadog and ChaosSearch

Use Datadog for application and infrastructure monitoring and ChaosSearch for root cause analysis to keep your budget in check. Seamlessly move between UIs with context links — so you can keep your monitoring workflows in Datadog, while leveraging ChaosSearch’s unmatched log management cost-performance at scale, without retention limits.

Overcome Scaling Challenges

Centralize Logs

monitoring capabilities with datadog stack

Use event data to drive business observability

Application events help you understand your power users, key features, repeat users, and more. When joined with user data, this information is key to data-driven product development, user retention, and customer acquisition efforts. Application performance monitoring solutions are not built to analyze data with this lens, but ChaosSearch is. With native Structured Query Language (SQL) support, your organization gains access to real-time and historical event data, joined with user and account data to drive efficient growth.

Drive Business Observability