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Amazon is the world's largest public cloud with 90+ services. The ChaosSearch architecture and broad support for AWS tools and technologies help you get the most out of your AWS investment.

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ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform delivers a new, multi-model universal data format that supports both Search and SQL on a unified data set. 

  • Executes text searches, relational queries, and aggregations
  • Supports all data types and sources
  • Automates normalization & transformation of data
  • Optimizes query planning and execution


ChaosSearch is now integrated with AWS Marketplace.

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AWS Solution Brief
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Scalable Log Analytics on AWS

ChaosSearch enables customers to Know BetterTM, delivering data insights at scale directly on their AWS object storage, while achieving the promise of data lake economics.  Watch our 3-minute overview video to learn more!

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Highly Secure

The security of your data is very important to us. ChaosSearch does not hold or store any customer data - it stays in your Amazon S3. We encrypt all data communication between your bucket and the ChaosSearch platform with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Customer data only exists in memory temporarily during indexing or querying and expires when the request completes. ChaosSearch is the first log analytic solution to offer Storage-base RBAC of your data.

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