Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
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Log Analysis for Software and Technology

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Digital-native SaaS, PaaS, and cloud technology providers rely on expansive log coverage so engineers can better understand application and user behavior over time and make rapid decisions to constantly improve service delivery. And with the explosive growth in container and microservices architectures adoption, they can’t risk filtering out the number of logs for analysis to save money. As part of a product-led growth strategy, software and cloud technology providers turn to ChaosSearch for a complete view of all the data needed to troubleshoot and optimize their software and delight their customers.

We need to have a lot of insight into our network operations, so we can do forensic analyses on performance issues around the world. ChaosSearch helps us easily perform this level of log analytics without data movement, so we can learn from global trends to fully optimize the delivery of our networks

Jeremy Foran, Head of Data Analytics at BAI Communications


Improve visibility and resiliency

Centralize all app, infrastructure, and microservices logs to improve the resiliency of increasingly complex architectures.


Optimize business value

Focus on optimizing your software and production infrastructure instead of maintaining your monitoring and logging infrastructure.


Greater log coverage & retention

Keep more data for as long as you need and manage data growth with unparalleled cost-performance at scale.

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