Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
Has your ELK stack fallen over one too many times? We can help - click here to see how >>
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Integrate analytics into your SaaS application

Embedded Analytics

Power your security or observability application with ChaosSearch

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Increase gross margins

Rely on embedded analytics and business intelligence to expand capabilities and improve gross margin. Take advantage of ChaosSearch’s industry-leading pricing at scale with unlimited retention.


Improve productivity

Stop building and managing Elasticsearch clusters and focus engineering efforts on your software products. ChaosSearch’s truly managed service provides scalability and peace of mind.


Secure your data

Keep your data sovereignty and take advantage of a SOC 2 Type II compliant platform designed with security-first principles — including RBAC and fully isolated data by customer.

Live analytics via Elastic & Trino APIs

Use ChaosSearch as an embedded analytics platform for flexible data analytics without retention limits —either for hunting and dashboarding data insights via the Elastic API, or exploratory SQL analytics via the Trino API. Keep all of your data hot in your existing cloud object storage, and take advantage of industry-leading pricing.

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Easily Embedded Analytics

Security application backend for threat hunting and compliance

Enable customers to track down advanced persistent threats (APTs) and meet their compliance goals. Gain the speed of an operational database with the scalability of an analytics database for your business applications with ChaosSearch.

Streamline security analytics

Log and event analytics backend for observability applications

Reduce COGS and enhance value by using ChaosSearch as your log and event analytics backend. Empower your customers to leverage product usage data to grow efficiently and gain competitive advantage, while providing troubleshooting, data visualizations, and alerts — at a fraction of the cost at scale.

Get cost effective observability

Real Time Insights

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Pay only for the compute you use

Tap into a worker-based pricing model to pay only for the resources you use, not your volume of data or retention. Ingest streams with tens of TB/day for under $10k per month, with a stateless compute fabric can scale to meet your querying compute needs. Align your cost with the value you deliver to customers, rather than ingest volume.

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