New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
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Integrate analytics into your SaaS application

Embedded Analytics

Integrate ChaosSearch with your SaaS application

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Increase margins and analytics capabilities

Embed ChaosSearch analytics directly into your SaaS offerings to reduce costs while improving your analytics experience.


Improve productivity

Focus your engineering efforts on building your product and let ChaosSearch enhance your product’s analytical capabilities.


Enhance security

Keep ownership of all your data, seamlessly manage access through your SSO, and isolate access for your customers through granular RBAC.

Easily embed fully managed analytics at scale in your product

With ChaosSearch, you can embed analytics capabilities directly into your SaaS application. Embedded analytics lets you provide performant analytics at scale - at a fraction of the cost — in a truly managed service. Improve both your gross margin and your customer and user experience without having to manage the analytics infrastructure.

Easily Embedded Analytics

Fully Managed

Focus engineering time on what matters - your core product

Using our truly managed service, all you have to do is send data to Amazon S3, and we provide the analytics. Free up your engineers from building and managing the analytics platform, and let them focus on what they do best — delivering value to your customers.

Grow seamlessly

Programmatically create new views for each new customer with fully-governed access. Our cloud-native architecture, cost economics, and fully managed service allows you to scale with the needs of your business applications. Grow effortlessly with improved savings and efficiency.

Simplify Customer Management

Simplify Security

Simplify customer management while providing secure, isolated data access for your customers

With our separation of physical storage and virtual views, as well as granular RBAC, you can provide your employees customer insights in a single pane of glass. Meanwhile, customers only have access to their data. Fully integrate improved governance and visibility with your SSO.