Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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Data Platform for Next-Gen Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Blackpoint Cyber

Cisco Talos


With ChaosSearch, MDRs can centralize all of their customers’ system, network and application activity, identity and access management data, configuration and asset management data, as well as reports from third-party security tools.  This enables them to create a central source of truth for their customers security posture to face today’s challenging environment. ChaosSearch delivers unlimited retention, seamless live ingestion, schema management, familiar ELK tooling, no toil, 80% cost savings and an AI-native platform. Adopt a future-proof platform built for the needs of today's security platforms and deliver superior protection to your customers with unparalleled pricing.

For Cisco Talos to provide the industry-leading threat protection and interdiction we are known for at our scale, speed remains critical. We use ChaosSearch’s Amazon S3-native live analytics database to index against high impact sets of our massive, unrivaled telemetry data.

Lee Jones, Architect & Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems


80% cost savings = increased gross margin

With ChaosSearch your data is stored solely in your cloud storage, delivering industry-leading pricing - 80% lower at scale than tools like Elasticsearch. This allows you to deliver both revolutionary pricing and improved gross margin to your customers.


Standard tooling. Scalable. Without toil.

Same tools as OpenSearch, but completely different architecture built for flexible live analytics at scale (think hundreds of TB/day!). None of the management toil of OpenSearch and no data tiers. Unlimited retention, seamless spike handling without issues, and full isolation across your end customers.


Designed for the needs of next-gen MDR

Have different types of activity, identity & configuration data as well as reports from multiple 3rd-party tools? No problem! Need long retention and an ability to hunt, analyze, monitor and also use AI to face threats? ChaosSearch + Spark/Databricks gives you best-in-class capabilities for an AI world!

Don’t just take it from us... listen to Blackpoint Cyber’s CEO:

ChaosSearch lets us retain more data, and drive higher revenue growth. The value prop is simplicity: Speed and results matter. We can use ChaosSearch to go to market more effectively, or invest in additional security technology to deliver more value to our customers. It’s foundational technology for us. Anything I can save with, I’ll go to war with.
Jon Murchinson, Chief Executive Officer
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