New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
New Pricing - as low as 15¢ per ingested GB w/ unlimited retention at no extra cost - check out our savings calculator! >>>
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Observability using Grafana

ChaosSearch and Grafana for Enterprise Observability

Complement Grafana and Prometheus with ChaosSearch for cloud observability and enhanced log analytics without restrictions.

Use ChaosSearch with Grafana


Best-of-breed approach

Complement Grafana’s monitoring capabilities with log analytics. Analyze your log data at scale, regardless of format. Steer clear of the contextual limitations in Loki. 


Enhance Grafana’s analytical capabilities

Grafana is great for monitoring but is limited to graphs and filtering. Embed Kibana and Superset for enhanced troubleshooting and relational analytics on all of your data.

Cloud Storage

Leverage existing cloud storage

Analyze data in Grafana without retention limits, at a fraction of the cost, by tapping into economical cloud object storage like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

Collect observability data with a modular stack

Integrate open source tools to effectively cover all three observability pillars: logs, metrics and traces. Use ChaosSearch with Grafana via the ElasticSearch API to keep a single observability UI, while diving deeper into long-term analytics via OpenSearch Dashboards and Superset.

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Build Modular Observability Stack With Grafana

Store Application Telemetry Data in the Cloud

Gain deep observability into your application telemetry

Application telemetry holds key information about product usage. Gain valuable insights from your app logs to troubleshoot, respond to unexpected events, and drive business growth. Ingest live data flexibly, with dynamic schema mapping and nested JSON support, as well as native search and SQL analytics.

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Build a developer data platform and drive growth

With the rise of microservices, service-focused teams and DevOps, it’s critical to create a centralized data repository as a single source of truth for telemetry. Access product data across teams, improving the developer experience and SRE productivity. With SQL access, data scientists and analysts can explore product data seamlessly.

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Product Data Platform for App Developers

Using Log Analytics for Cloud Observability

Log analytics at scale without limits

Loki, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch for high-volume log aggregation? It’s complicated and expensive. Don’t trade off log coverage and retention periods to lower costs. Land your data in low-cost cloud object storage, and start exploring with your tools of choice — without constraints or management toil.

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