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AWS Dev Day

Unleash Analytics on your Cloud Object Storage

Thursday, November 18, 3-6pm ET

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Data lakes offer inexpensive storage but aren't built for analytics at scale. ChaosSearch turns your data lake into a hot analytics environment by indexing data in your Amazon S3 environment without any physical data movement. Finally, all your data is fully searchable and available for analysis using existing visualization tools – with unlimited scale, industry-leading resiliency, and massive cost savings.

Join us for this virtual event on November 18th AWS Dev Day to learn how ChaosSearch helps modern organizations Know Better™ by activating the data lake for analytics. This hands-on instructor led workshop will show you how to rapidly process and analyze logs, enabling data-driven decisions.

Looking Through Data


Virtual Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to use ChaosSearch to rapidly process and analyze logs, enabling data-driven decisions. The workshop will guide participants through hands-on exercises to:

  • Discover ELB logs directly from Amazon S3 
  • Transform the data for easy analysis
  • Explore the data through visualizations and dashboards using the built-in Kibana
  • Create an alert monitor and send notifications via Slack

We also want to make it fun and rewarding, so we’ll be hosting some challenges and giving excellent prizes for winners.

Space is limited so be sure to secure your spot!

What is an AWS Dev Day?

AWS Dev Days are free events where people of technical background can dive deep into some of the hottest and more advanced topics in cloud computing. Join us for hands-on technical sessions with AWS technical experts and your peers.

Why should you attend?

Developers from all experience levels who are interested in the topic will find something new to learn as we dive deep with technical hands-on labs designed to enhance your knowledge.

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to learn from a technical expert deep dive in AWS Services. Hands on “builders,” technical individuals that manipulate code, data, configuration/operations or design app architectures to build differentiated and successful applications in the Cloud, such as developers, data engineers, data scientists, enterprise application architects, IT admins/operators, infosec, or those experimenting with emerging tech.

Current agenda
  • 3:00pm  Introduction
  • 3:15pm Workshop
  • 4:15pm Break
  • 4:30pm ChaosSearch challenge 
  • 5:30pm Prizes and wrap-up

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