Cloud Imperium games replaces Elasticsearch for deeper player insights. Check out the case study! -->
Cloud Imperium games replaces Elasticsearch for deeper player insights. Check out the case study! -->
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A leading FinTech replaced Splunk for log analytics and saw 70% cost savings

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Lower Costs

Lower Splunk costs by 50%-80%

Achieve 50-80% savings  with unlimited data retention vs. Splunk. Free up your budget for what really matters — securing your company.

Leverage Strengths

Replace Splunk for long-term analysis

Keep Splunk for key security workflows and centralize all other logs in ChaosSearch to analyze long-term security events.

Analyze at Scale

Centralize telemetry for data analytics

Create a centralized platform for log and event data across teams. Tap into your favorite analytics tools like OpenSearch Dashboards or Superset.

Dramatically reduce your bloated Splunk bill

Centralize telemetry on existing low-cost cloud object storage, while focusing Splunk on short-term security workloads. Splunk costs start at $2.20/GB for 30 days of default retention, while ChaosSearch costs $0.15-$0.30/GB with unlimited hot retention. Alternatively, worker-based pricing ($0.20/worker hour) provides even greater savings for use cases with high ingest and low querying demands.

Compare and Save!

Save on Splunk Security Costs

Centralized Observability Platform for Enterprise

Share a single observability platform across teams

Centralize application, infrastructure and security logs and events, creating a single source of truth for observability across Engineering and SRE/DevOps, SecOps, Product, Business Operations, and Marketing. Tap into analytics tools you know, such as OpenSearch Dashboards, Superset, Elastic, and Trino for flexible analytics in real-time.

Build your own best-of-breed observability stack

Develop a proactive security posture

With today’s complex security threats, a single tool is not enough. For proactive threat hunting and meeting stringent compliance requirements, analyze all of your data in ChaosSearch without retention limits. Keep tools like an XDR or SIEM to detect threats as they happen, or a SOAR to automatically remediate issues as they occur.

Activate Your Security Data Lake

Meet Compliance Requirements with Superior Security Stack