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Log Analytics Shouldn't Break the Bank!

Log Analytic Architectures Are Broken

Cut Your Log Analytics Cost By 80% With Our New Technology And Architecture

Log analytics should not break the bank. Because most logging solutions use one or both of these technologies - Elasticsearch database and/ or Lucene index - the cost of operation is unreasonably high. CHAOSSEARCH takes a revolutionary approach. We reinvented indexing, which allows us to pass along substantial cost savings to our customers. See for yourself with this price comparison calculator.

Average Daily Ingest
100 GB/day
10 TB/day

per month

per year
Sumo Logic
Data retention limits for the pricing shown above
Pricing based on each company's published pricing as of 1/1/2020
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Log analytics purpose-built for cloud object storage

CHAOSSEARCH is a fully managed SaaS platform that allows you to focus on search and analytics in AWS S3 rather than spend time managing and tuning databases. Leverage your existing AWS S3 infrastructure and let us do the rest. Watch this short video to learn how our unique approach and architecture allow CHAOSSEARCH to address the challenges of today’s data & analytic requirements.

Store everything and ask anything with our fully managed solution.

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