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Press Release

ChaosSearch Signals More Breakthroughs in 2020

Industry’s first ELK-compatible data platform for log analytics based entirely on cloud storage delivers fast insights at high performance and low cost

BOSTON, MA - CHAOSSEARCH, Inc., the company that turns cloud storage into a searchable analytic database, announced a strong close to FY 2019. Less than a year after launching its data platform, CHAOSSEARCH reported that its disruptive approach to log analytics has transformed the way businesses store, search, and query a never-ending stream of machine data generated by SaaS and software-driven businesses, at high performance and low cost. The company also pointed to advancements in 2020 aimed at DevOps, data engineers, and product owners.

“It’s virtually impossible for businesses to get value out of rapidly growing data without breaking the bank. Legacy log analytics tool sets like the ELK Stack require massive resources to build and manage, are a bear to scale, and have prohibitive data retention costs,” said Les Yetton, CEO, CHAOSSEARCH. “CHAOSSEARCH changed all that in 2019 with the only data platform that’s 100% based on durable cloud storage. We revolutionized log data analytics by transforming the customer’s own cheap and secure Amazon S3 object storage into a database with high performance, infinite scale, very low price, and universal access.”

“Log analytics architectures are broken. CHAOSSEARCH is an entirely new approach. It’s a complete ELK stack delivered as a managed service without the cost, complexity or instability of an Elasticsearch database. It’s based on our new indexing engine and distributed compute fabric running completely on the user’s Amazon S3 cloud storage. With integrated Kibana and all the APIs companies need, CHAOSSEARCH is a highly performant, scalable alternative to ELK at 20% of the cost,” said Thomas Hazel, CTO and Founder, CHAOSSEARCH. “Stay tuned for more innovations in 2020 that make it exceedingly easy and cost-effective for IT ops, product owners, and engineers to get timely insights into applications, infrastructure, and security.”

CHAOSSEARCH has completely transformed the way we see, analyze, store, and manage data at Transeo. Due to the nature of the student educational records we work with, we need to retain all data and log files for 10 years after their creation to comply with our most stringent client retention policies,” said Jimmy McDermott, CTO at Transeo. “The CHAOSSEARCH platform has helped us ground our product decisions in data because searching through access logs and spreadsheets that are far too big for Excel is now as simple as clicking a button. I wish that we had CHAOSSEARCH from day one. I highly recommend the platform for anyone looking to genuinely increase their understanding of their data while reducing their storage, query, and analytics costs.”

2019 CHAOSSEARCH innovations and achievements that fueled customer traction include:

    • CHAOS Index® - A revolutionary new multi-model indexing technology that unifies and compresses data up to 90%, while removing the limits, cost, and complexity of conventional solutions by leveraging cloud storage as a backing store.
    • Distributed architecture that separates compute from storage. First in log analytics, customers can scale compute and storage resources independently based on data volume, and have unparalleled flexibility to add users, data, and workloads.
    • Built on cloud storage - CHAOSSEARCH leverages cloud storage as a back end data store. Cloud storage is scalable, secure, distributed, and inexpensive.
    • Disruptive pricing – Based on a new index, architecture, and approach, CHAOSSEARCH is able to deliver high-performance log analytics at a reduction in costs up to 80% compared to conventional solutions.
    • Security: HIPAA- and PCI-compliant plus Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type I certification, all of which validate that the CHAOSSEARCH platform meets strict data security and privacy standards.

CHAOSSEARCH is a multi-API, cloud-native data platform that turns durable cloud storage into an intelligent, high-performance search and analytic database. Unlike other vendor offerings, customers do not move data into CHAOSSEARCH. They simply dump data into their own cloud storage, such as on Amazon S3, where CHAOSSEARCH discovers and indexes it, providing instant search and analytics across multiple terabytes of data. And since it’s based on cloud storage data retention is not an issue. Customers can search months and years of data at high performance and low cost.

CHAOSSEARCH is a new approach to log analytics. Delivered as a fully managed and scalable cloud service, CHAOSSEARCH is an ELK-compatible logging platform that delivers high performance at a disruptive low price. Based on a new multi-API indexing technology and distributed compute fabric on cloud storage, CHAOSSEARCH is designed for businesses grappling with the cost and complexity of rapidly growing machine data. CHAOSSEARCH is committed to an open API standard. CHAOSSEARCH is a privately held, Boston, MA, company backed by .406 Ventures, Glasswing Ventures, and Stage 1 Ventures. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @CHAOSSEARCH.