Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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ChaosSearch Wins 2 Gold Medals in the 2021 Stevie American Business Awards

Named Best Big Data Solution and Best Cloud Service

BOSTON, MA – May 4, 2020 – ChaosSearch announced it has been awarded top honors in two Stevie American Business Awards categories: Best Big Data Solution and Best Cloud Service. The two Gold awards recognize ChaosSearch’s breakthrough cloud data platform that enables customers to Know Better®, while achieving the true promise of data lake economics. ChaosSearch indexes a customer’s cloud data rendering it fully searchable and enabling data analytics at scale, with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity.

To survive in today's data-driven economy, businesses need to be able to quickly analyze and act upon the growing volumes of data coursing through their veins. However, existing technology architectures and solutions struggle to handle this tsunami of information. Organizations are constantly faced with expanding the size and complexity of their compute infrastructures to keep up -- while carefully limiting the amount of data they can retain and analyze in an attempt to contain costs.

ChaosSearch takes an entirely new approach to solving enterprises’ log analytics problems at scale, and in the cloud. Whereas other solutions require constant load balancing, sharding, and maintenance of their log clusters, ChaosSearch sits on clients’ existing AWS S3 or GCP environment where it indexes data as-is, without transformation, and auto-detects native schemas for fast, seamless analytics. With this revolutionary approach delivered as a fully managed service, ChaosSearch overcomes the time, cost and complexity of traditional solutions, and delivers unlimited scalability and industry-leading resilience.


"The ability to analyze big data in a scalable, cloud-first way has been a struggle for many organizations since the term 'big data' was coined a decade ago," said Ed Walsh, CEO of ChaosSearch. "We are passionate about helping companies become truly data-led with a scalable, cost-effective platform that delivers on the data lake promise. We're humbled to be recognized by the world's premier business awards for these accomplishments.”

Nicknamed “The Stevies” for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the 2021 awards received more than 3,800 nominations across a range of categories. More than 250 professionals participated in the judging process to select this year’s winners. The judges’ comments about ChaosSearch are noteworthy:

  • “Processing tens of TBs of data daily is not an easy task for any organization. The ChaosSearch platform has nailed this. The technology is a winner.”
  • “Existing Elasticsearch technology creates huge indexes, while ChaosSearch creates much smaller indexes for big data. This is a huge win for organizations as they can reduce the cost of data storage and access, and improve performance significantly.”
  • “ChaosSearch is a great technology for big data analytics, log analytics and data management, with an innovative approach to handling big platform search challenges.”


About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch helps modern organizations Know Better® by activating the data lake for analytics. The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform indexes customers’ cloud data, rendering it fully searchable and enabling analytics at scale with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity.

ChaosSearch was purpose-built for cost-effective, highly scalable analytics encompassing full text search, SQL and machine learning capabilities in one unified offering. The patented ChaosSearch technology instantly transforms your cloud object storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage) into a hot, analytical data lake.

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ChaosSearch and LinkedIn.