Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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ChaosSearch Now Available in AWS Marketplace to Meet Fast-Growing Customer Demand

The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform delivers easy, cost-effective insights at scale on S3

BOSTON, MA – May 11, 2021 – ChaosSearch today announced immediate availability of the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform in AWS Marketplace. ChaosSearch is designed to empower Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to Know Better®, while delivering on the true promise of data lake economics. ChaosSearch indexes a customer’s cloud data rendering it fully searchable and enabling data analytics at scale with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity. These unique capabilities drove a year of hyper-growth for ChaosSearch, with AWS customers tripling, usage consistently high and revenue jumping by more than 700 percent. Now, AWS customers can easily consume ChaosSearch’s solution directly from AWS Marketplace and within their existing AWS contracts.

ChaosSearch runs natively on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) object storage, providing value-added services that deliver an excellent customer experience. While many companies use Amazon S3 to stage data for other forms of analytic processing, ChaosSearch is designed to activate Amazon S3 to serve on-demand analytics, without requiring customers to move data or change any of their existing analytics tools.

“Our customers rely on Amazon S3 to run their business. We make it easy for them to do more with the data living in their AWS environments – while spending a lot less,” said Ed Walsh, CEO, ChaosSearch. “With ChaosSearch, clients save up to 80 percent compared to other log analytic solutions, while benefiting from unlimited retention and a fully managed service that frees up critical client resources. We’re excited to make these capabilities easily accessible to AWS customers in AWS Marketplace.”

“ChaosSearch provides a unique and important solution for helping AWS customers extend the value of their Amazon S3 infrastructure. We look forward to helping ChaosSearch and our customers achieve even greater success together with on demand analytics for their data in Amazon S3,” said Mona Chadha, Director, AWS Marketplace Category Management, AWS.

ChaosSearch takes an entirely new approach to solving enterprises’ log analytics problem at scale and in the cloud. Whereas all other solutions require complex data pipelines consisting of parsing or schema changes, ChaosSearch indexes all data as-is, without transformation, while auto-detecting native schemas. With its revolutionary approach ChaosSearch overcomes the cost and complexity of competitive solutions, and delivers unlimited scalability, industry-leading resiliency and massive time and cost savings.

Based on these capabilities, ChaosSearch is an ideal replacement for commonly deployed Elasticsearch solutions today and business intelligence use cases. With ChaosSearch, customers can perform scalable log analytics on AWS S3, using the familiar Elasticsearch API for queries and Kibana for log analytics and visualizations, while reducing costs, providing unlimited retention and reducing complexity.

“Setting up our proof-of-concept and production environments were quick and easy. The ChaosSearch documentation made it easy to connect them to our source data in AWS, and auto-discovery of our data’s schema allowed us to get started querying data from day one,” said Stephen Salinas, Engineering Lead at HubSpot.


Pricing & Availability

Available now in AWS Marketplace, the ChaosSearch Data Platform is offered as a managed service and priced based on the ingest rate of data into Amazon S3. Customers typically realize up to 80 percent direct cost savings compared to a traditional log analytics solution like the self-hosted ELK stack, plus indirect savings through streamlined operations.


About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch helps modern organizations Know Better® by activating the data lake for analytics. The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform indexes customers’ cloud data, rendering it fully searchable and enabling analytics at scale with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity.

ChaosSearch was purpose-built for cost-effective, highly scalable analytics encompassing full text search, SQL and machine learning capabilities in one unified offering. The patented ChaosSearch technology instantly transforms your cloud object storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage) into a hot, analytical data lake.

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