Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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ChaosSearch Named Best SaaS Startup and Best Analytics Solution by IT World

Awards Recognize Unique Ability to Analyze 100s of Terabytes of Data in Customers’ Own Cloud Object Storage while Slashing Costs

BOSTON, MA – September 17, 2020 – ChaosSearch, creator of the first cloud data platform for scalable log analysis, today announced it has won two IT World Gold awards: Best SaaS Startup and Best Data Science Platform. The company was also named Bronze winner for Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution. These awards recognize ChaosSearch’s unique ability to enable fast insights on massive-scale data sets, often reaching 100s of terabytes, at a cost that’s up to 80% less than other approaches.

"Logs hold the key to keeping applications and businesses up and running and protected from cyber threats. However, the cost and time-intensive tasks required to analyze and act upon tsunamis of log data are prohibitive -- and now, thanks to ChaosSearch, unnecessary,” said Thomas Hazel, CTO and founder of ChaosSearch. “We’re thrilled that IT World recognizes both the need to revolutionize log analysis and ChaosSearch’s breakthrough approach for extracting real value from log and security event data."

ChaosSearch helps operational professionals store and analyze data at a scale, simplicity and cost that’s disruptive. The only log analysis solution based entirely on cloud object storage, it transforms the customer’s own cheap and secure Amazon S3 object storage into a database with high performance, infinite scale, and universal access. ChaosSearch’s distributed architecture and proprietary indexing and compression technologies enable businesses to gain new and better insights quickly. Its fully managed service helps businesses achieve the super-agility and efficiency needed in fast-changing, competitive markets.

The 15th annual IT World Awards are industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide honoring achievements of the world’s best in organizational performance, product and service innovations, hot technologies, and more.

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About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch delivers on the true promise of data lakes, instantly turning a company’s own cloud object storage into a hot, robust, streamlined data analytics engine, where it is as simple to generate insights from the lake as it is to push data into it. Implemented today as a data lake engine for scalable log analysis on Amazon S3, ChaosSearch is an ELK-compatible, highly secure, fully managed service that scales to petabytes of data, quickly and at disruptively low cost. The privately held company is based in Boston, MA and backed by .406 Ventures, Glasswing Ventures, and Stage 1 Ventures. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @ChaosSearch and LinkedIn



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