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Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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ChaosSearch Unveils Integration with Amazon Bedrock

The Integration Delivers Seamless Generative AI Capabilities in a Unified Data Lake for Advanced Observability, Security Lake, and Application Insights

Boston MA, November 27, 2023 – Today, ChaosSearch, a leader in data analytics, announced the integration of Chaos LakeDB with Amazon Bedrock from Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies accessible via an API to build and scale generative AI applications. This integration is designed to transform the way organizations leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with their unified data lakes for observability, security lakes, and application insight use cases, providing clients with enhanced simplicity, choice, and security. Chaos LakeDB customers can select any large language model (LLM) from Amazon Bedrock’s choice of high-performing FMs.

The combination of generative AI and ChaosSearch’s unified data lake offers new possibilities for enterprises. Chaos LakeDB opens these opportunities while delivering cost-effective scaling and simplifying working with data pipelines, data preparation, and data islands. It integrates with and orchestrates pre-trained generative AI models as a complement to Search and SQL analytics, creating an ideal launch point for enterprises to immediately realize efficiency improvements across observability, security lake, and application insight use cases.

"As a long-term partner with ChaosSearch, we've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of their technology on our data analytics capabilities," said Jimmy McDermott of PATHWAYos. "The integration of Chaos LakeDB with Amazon Bedrock represents a leap forward in our ability to harness the full power of generative AI within our data strategy. The seamless and secure interaction with LLMs has allowed us to tap into a new dimension of data intelligence, optimizing our workflows, and enhancing our decision-making process. ChaosSearch's vision for the future of data interaction is not just a promise; it's a reality that's delivering exceptional value to our organization."

Chaos LakeDB integration with Amazon Bedrock allows users to engage with their data through a conversational AI interface, leveraging public and private LLM models. By utilizing prompt engineering and orchestrating chain-of-thought interaction, users can converse directly with their data with enhanced security. The integration leverages AWS’s data security and privacy best practices and no confidential or proprietary data is shared with the LLM. Furthermore, this design removes the challenges of complex and costly model training while preventing data hallucinations.

With the integration of Chaos LakeDB with Amazon Bedrock, organizations can further isolate their data in a private workspace where all exchanges of information between the database and the LLM are private. None of the customer’s data is used to train or fine-tune the underlying LLM. In essence, the LLM is private to the user account.

Chaos LakeDB’s integration with Amazon Bedrock delivers:

  • Intuitive Data Exploration: Understand complex data effortlessly with ChaosSearch AI Assistant's ability to suggest, process queries, and surface crucial insights, eliminating the barrier of advanced analytical skills.
  • Code Co-pilot: Receive smart support for writing and refining Elastic and SQL queries, with the assurance of secure processing.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Promote efficient teamwork and shared understanding through user-friendly data sharing and exploration tools, suitable for various expertise levels.
  • Immediate Insights: Obtain real-time visibility into key operational areas such as system behavior, security monitoring, and application performance.

"AI is transforming business intelligence," said Dr. Sherry Marcus, director of Applied Science of Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan at Amazon Web Services. "The Chaos LakeDB integration with Amazon Bedrock is simplifying how customers engage with and analyze their data—and with the security and scalability that enterprises demand. Using conversational queries to interact with their data, customers will be able to glean deeper insights and make more informed decisions. We look forward to seeing how the power of generative AI will enhance customers’ business strategies.”


"At ChaosSearch, we are deeply passionate about empowering our clients to conquer the ever-growing mountain of data analytics challenges," said Thomas Hazel, founder and CTO of ChaosSearch. "The integration of Chaos LakeDB with Amazon Bedrock is a critical milestone on our ambitious roadmap. It's designed to provide a straightforward, high-impact entry point for organizations embarking on their generative AI journey. We're not just enhancing our platform; we're providing a key that unlocks high-value insights while simplifying the journey to scale analytics. Our dedication to innovation is relentless, and this integration exemplifies our commitment to delivering not just solutions but pathways to transformation and growth that redefine analytics at scale for our clients."

An innovative solution for data interaction and analysis, Chaos LakeDB's integration with Amazon Bedrock is a powerful tool for businesses worldwide. As the company moves forward with its dynamic roadmap, clients can anticipate even more advanced features and capabilities tailored to their specific needs. As clients look to train their own models or augment existing FMs, Chaos LakeDB will play a critical role for creation, test data access and exporting for training and deploying generative AI models in production at scale without breaking the bank.

Chaos LakeDB and the integration with Amazon Bedrock is available in early access. Contact us, for more information or to request a demo.


About ChaosSearch:

ChaosSearch is redefining the boundaries of data analytics by offering transformative solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with unparalleled efficiency. Our ethos is centered on simplifying complexity and turning challenges into opportunities. Chaos LakeDB is at the forefront of revolutionizing data lake architectures in the AI-driven era. By seamlessly transforming cloud storage into a dynamic analytical database, it integrates diverse data streams, streamlines intricate pipelines, and delivers at scale actionable insights through Search+SQL+GenAI analytics. By eliminating manual redundancies and activating static data lakes, Chaos LakeDB provides businesses with both real-time and historical intelligence. As champions of innovation, ChaosSearch is dedicated to delivering tools that not only meet but also anticipate the evolving needs of modern businesses. Dive into a world where data is not just stored but becomes a dynamic force driving growth and innovation.

Leading cloud-based organizations, including Equifax, Cisco, Revinate, and Digital River, trust the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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