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CHAOSSEARCH Raises $9M in Series A Funding!

CHAOSSEARCH Raises $9M to Bring Unlimited Log Data Retention, Search and Analytics to AWS S3

Powerful New Indexing Technology Extends the Elastic Stack (ELK) to Address Limitations with Log Storage, Management, and Analytics

Boston, MA — November 14, 2018CHAOSSEARCH, the first log search and analytics platform built for AWS S3, today announced it raised $9M in a Series A funding. The round was co-led by .406 Ventures and Glasswing Ventures, with participation from existing investor, Stage 1 Ventures. CHAOSSEARCH was founded in 2017 as Chaos Sumo with a mission to simplify data storage, management, and analytics for AWS S3. The new funding will accelerate this mission and expand the company charter to enable DevOps teams to extend their log and event data retention and usage. With the addition of this funding, Graham Brooks, partner at .406 Ventures, and Rudina Seseri, founder and managing partner at Glasswing Ventures, will join the company’s Board of Directors.

“We are excited to receive support from leading investors .406 Ventures and Glasswing Ventures, both of whom bring deep domain expertise in data and cloud,” said Les Yetton, CEO and Co-Founder, CHAOSSEARCH. “We’re focusing initially on extending access to the long tail of data for ELK environments, but see a big opportunity to unlock the potential of AWS S3 as an intelligent, searchable data analytics platform.”

New Investment Reflects the Log and Event Data Opportunity on AWS S3

CHAOSSEARCH is a potential game-changer for big data analytics, enabling unprecedented performance for log and event data access and visibility,” said Graham Brooks with .406 Ventures. “They have introduced unique capabilities to the growing global DevOps market that enable much better big data retention and management, deeper customer and application analytics, cost-effective long-term security log retention for anomaly detection, and new opportunities for companies to build unique new SaaS offerings on top of their own data.”

Rudina Seseri with Glasswing Ventures added: “CHAOSSEARCH is laying down the critical groundwork of building a solution that decouples storage from compute, reducing data size and storage costs, and allowing searchability on storage services like S3. We are delighted to invest in CHAOSSEARCH and its exceptional tech entrepreneurs who are creating the foundational infrastructure needed to enable an AI/machine learning-enabled world.”

An Innovative and Cost Effective Approach to Taming Log and Event Data on AWS S3

CHAOSSEARCH is the only platform that enables DevOps teams to store, search, query, and visualize terabytes of historic log data on their existing AWS S3 infrastructure, instantly reducing their data footprint and operational overhead and cutting operational costs by up to 80 percent. Built for teams using the ELK Stack, CHAOSSEARCH extends the Elastic API onto S3, turning it into a warm ELK-compatible logging solution and opening up access to terabytes of log data with out-of-the box Kibana data visualizations.

“The Jitterbit API integration platform processes unlimited data in a linearly scalable way but the question was — how do we do the same for search?” said Betsy Bilhorn, SVP of Product for Jitterbit. “CHAOSSEARCH has proven to be easy to use and lightning fast at doing just that, all within our own S3 infrastructure. We’re very excited for the new capabilities we’ll be bringing to market powered by CHAOSSEARCH.”

“Historically, companies could not scale their log and event analytics at an effective cost, or even consider AWS S3 as the only backing store,” said Thomas Hazel, CTO and Founder, CHAOSSEARCH. “CHAOSSEARCH has solved these limitations by building a cloud first, high-performing database that enables text search and relational analytics directly on the customer’s S3 account. CHAOSSEARCH’s patent-pending Data Edge index technology changes everything.”

Key features of the CHAOSSEARCH platform include

  • Turns AWS S3 into a easy-to-use, searchable ELK compatible logging solution – with no changes required to existing ELK compatible applications
  • Automates the discovery, organization and indexing of log and event data types and sources
  • Visualizes hot and warm log clusters from a single Kibana instance
  • Offers unlimited data retention, all securely within customer’s own AWS S3 infrastructure
  • Enables integrated text search and relational queries from a single platform
  • Empowers Machine Learning-based insights and predictive analysis with access to massive data sets over time
  • Provides high performance at low cost with pricing starting as low as $20 per GB daily volume

Those interested in CHAOSSEARCH can sign up to a free trial here. The CHAOSSEARCH team will also be at AWS re:Invent 2018, booth 238, and will be showing the platform at the event.


CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-native log and event data management and analytics service on AWS empowering SaaS businesses to store, search, query, and visualize terabytes of data within their own S3 infrastructure. CHAOSSEARCH automates the discovery, organization, and indexing of all log data types and sources. With AWS S3 and Elasticsearch API extensions, the service enables historical trend and machine learning analytics over large datasets at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, delivering both relational and text-based analysis through a single console with an integrated Kibana interface. For more information, or to start a free trial, visit

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