Integrated with open standard Kibana tooling
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Monitor and receive alerts directly on your data.  ChaosSearch enables you to monitor your data and send alert notifications automatically to users. Based on open standard Kibana tooling, it is easy to set up, manage, and monitor your alerts.


Create monitors quickly

Easily create custom monitors directly within Kibana. Configure, define and schedule monitors that are interesting to you and that you want to receive alerts on. For example, use monitoring to set up an alert by geographical region for suspicious activity or DDoS attacks on who is trying to access your application and from where.

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Customize alerts and triggers

All monitors can have multiple trigger conditions. Triggers, like monitors, are flexible and can be customized directly within Kibana or via scripting. Triggers let you receive notifications when your data in ChaosSearch crosses the thresholds you configure. For example, monitor critical ports and receive alerts triggered by unauthorized port scanning tools looking for ways to breach your environment.

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Notify immediately

ChaosSearch provides multiple alerting options with built-in integrations for webhook and Slack. Webhook support integrates with your existing monitoring infrastructure or any third-party system.

Visualize and report

A complete history of all alerts are available within ChaosSearch for easy tracking and visualization in Kibana. What are my active alerts? How frequently has this alet been triggered? Are my alerts executing? What actions were taken?