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Chaos Fabric

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Seamless Scalability & Management Simplicity

Chaos Fabric® is a stateless architecture, decoupling compute and storage and providing seamless scalability and 99.999% uptime. Your data is always available, and your users gain faster time to insights.

Seamless scalability

The Chaos Fabric stateless architecture intelligently brings together the storage, compute and services layers and provides independent and elastic scaling of storage and compute for seamless scalability. You can eliminate cost vs. data retention tradeoffs.

Seamless Scalability


Faster time to insights

The containerized nature of the architecture allows worker nodes to spin up and down and fail without affecting availability or the user experience. Compute pooling allows for defined groups of users or queries to have guaranteed compute resources while not affecting ad hoc queries. This ensures reliable query performance and eliminates queries from getting starved for execution time.

Management Simplicity

The Chaos Fabric makes the relationship between storage and compute dynamic so you can add new workloads any time. Adding or deleting compute does not require repartitioning data. And since your data is in AWS S3 or GCS, there is no local storage required. Your IT staff can focus on innovation while providing a better quality service to end users.

Management Simplicity