Chaos Index

See it in Action

The only index built to optimize both data size and time to insights at scale

The patented Chaos Index creates a compressed representation of your cloud object data - providing 10-20x compression - that is fully searchable and performant with game-changing economics. Never miss a critical insight again because you couldn’t keep enough data.

Activate your Data Lake for Analytics

ChaosSearch automatically indexes and stores data directly within your own Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage environment. Combined with the unique architecture of the Chaos Fabric, you can perform direct, accelerated text search and relational analytics on your cloud object storage with no data movement or ETL.


Game Changing Price/Performance

Dramatically reduce the cost to store, index, search, and query data. The Chaos Index reduces the size of information beyond what has ever been achieved while still fully indexing it. Achieving 10-20x compression means significantly less storage, network, and compute resources while maintaining query response at scale.

No Reindexing or Sharding

ChaosSearch allows you to index your data either live or retroactively at any time. Legacy search technologies, like Elasticsearch, require re-indexing of data if you want to change the schema. And as your index grows you need to shard it across nodes. This requires capacity planning and cluster growth - all of these moving parts demand time, resources, and money.


Store once, access anywhere

Chaos Index is natively multi-model, so you can store once and access anywhere with the same disruptive cost-performance across teams. In contrast to monolithic analytics and monitoring tools, ChaosSearch is an API-centric, modular approach that integrates with log shippers, visualization tools, alerting, etc. so you can rely on the durability and availability of AWS S3 and GCS while integrating with tools for multiple analytics use cases.