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Chaos Refinery

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Clean, prepare, and transform data in your cloud storage — no data movement necessary.

The Chaos Refinery® cleans, prepares, and virtually transforms data - allowing users to programmatically and visually interact with information as needed, without the pain of data pipelining, cleansing, engineering or ETL work.


Clean, Prepare and Transform Data, Virtually

No data movement outside of your cloud object storage. Programmatically and dynamically change schema and associated data on the fly. Visually interact with information as needed, without the cost or complexity of additional services.


Create Virtual Views

Not only can you transform a field into multiple new fields to query and aggregate, but you can also adjust the schema, changing fields from strings to integers, allowing you to search on ranges. Create an entirely new view into your data, within seconds, all without ever having to spend time and money reindexing your data.

1. Select data sources

2. Configure filters

3. Transform schemas

4. Create views

Step 1: Select Index

Materialize Data

Users can shape (i.e. remove / move) attributes, change attribute schema (i.e. built-in transforms), sort by multiple attributes (i.e. composite keys), and correlate two indexes (i.e. inner / join).

Materialize Data

Eliminate Data Movement

Eliminate Data Movement

No longer do you need to extract data, transform it, and load it (ETL) into a log analysis solution just to get better insights into your logs. Instead, you simply push your log and event data into your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage data lake and leverage the Chaos Refinery® to perform the virtual transformations needed by each of your users.