Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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Fast-Growing SaaS Scales Log Analytics with Huge Cost Savings

Transeo now grounds product decisions with data

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Log Analytics at Transeo

Built by educators, for educators

Transeo is a mobile-friendly platform enabling students, counselors, and administrators to share community service opportunities and hours served — online and in real-time. With one goal in mind, eliminate time-consuming administrative overhead and shift the focus from paperwork to people, Transeo turned to ChaosSearch to help them bring order to the massive quantity of disparate, log data output.

The Challenge

Catering to the education industry, Transeo automates and delivers customized reports that compare student work across clubs, teams, and schools. The information gathered for these reports is generated by a wide variety of applications, database sources, and services. One of the biggest challenges that Transeo faced was the general disorganization of growing log data and the various log file formats. They needed an effective way to manage and index all of their log data and improve access to the information.

“When we first migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), we began exploring Elasticsearch as a solution to effectively store and index our logs. However, we were quickly discouraged by the development time and price required to run efficient clusters,” said Jimmy. Terabytes of data output are generated by Transeo’s applications, load balancers, Kubernetes clusters, and Nginx controllers, all of which have different formats streaming to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The end result was an object data store filled with information that was extremely difficult to leverage.

The Solution

Using ChaosSearch's patent-pending indexing technology, Transeo is able to quickly create materialized views that effectively and accurately parse all of the various log formats. With ChaosSearch, data analytics is as simple as storing it in Amazon S3. From there, the service streamlines and automates data normalization and indexing without the need for complex data cleaning, schema mapping, or sharding configuration.

“One of the most powerful features of the platform is the ability to build dashboards that everyone on our team can quickly review and understand. By indexing and compressing all of our log data in a way that makes data analysis easy, we are able to build dashboards for stakeholders across the organization, not just for our tech team,” said Jimmy.

The Results

“ChaosSearch has completely transformed the way we see, analyze, store, and manage data at Transeo. Due to the nature of the data that we work with, student educational records, we need to retain all data and log files for 10 years after their creation to comply with our most stringent client retention policies,” said Jimmy.

“The ChaosSearch platform has helped us ground our product decisions in data because searching through access logs and spreadsheets that are far too big for Excel is now as simple as clicking a button. I wish that we had ChaosSearch from day one. I highly recommend the platform for anyone looking to genuinely increase their understanding of their data while reducing their storage, query, and analytics costs,” said Jimmy.

With the ChaosSearch platform, the pain of scaling data is no longer part of the equation in designing their solution. Transeo is able to easily plan for the future when their data will grow to more than 10x the size it is today within the year. And, the reduction in cost is just icing on the cake.

Try ChaosSearch

If your log data is in Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage buckets, you can activate ChaosSearch against it as-is. There is no new external database to install. No data to migrate. No ETL to set up. Just index and search.

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Hinsdale, Illinois


  • Unlimited capacity and unlimited data retention for search and analytics
  • Eliminated manual spreadsheet data search and analysis
  • Enabled fact-based data decision making for product development
  • Dramatic cost savings in data management and analysis

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With ChaosSearch, we no longer struggle to piece together information. Now we have it all in one place without having to move it.
Jimmy McDermott CTO at Transeo
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