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Getting Started

To get started with ChaosSearch, you simply provide read-only access to your S3 bucket.

Adding Users

Administrators can quickly add users to ChaosSearch.

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The Refinery

The ChaosSearch data refinery transforms data virtually and instantly. Users publish how they want to consume and interact with data leveraging the Chaos Refinery® wizard.

Creating an Object Group

ChaosSearch Object Groups are customizable filters for grouping like data sources and formats together for indexing your logs.

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Searching with Kibana

ChaosSearch empowers users to search over weeks, months, and years worth of data. The Kibana UI allows for immediate access to your data as well as the capabilities to monitor the search progress and cancel a query at any time.

Building Visualizations and Dashboards

Quickly visualize and create dashboards to share internally or with customers on trends over time. ChaosSearch leverages the popular visualization tool, Kibana. Create custom visuals or utilize many of our pre-built visualizations and dashboards to get insights across multiple data sources.

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