Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
Process, Store and Analyze JSON Data with Ultimate Flexibility. Check out the blog and new demo! -->
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Analytics with No Data Movement!

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Data Lake.


Are you filtering and trimming data to keep costs down? Are you sacrificing insights because of short retention windows? Are your most talented technical resources bogged down with data prep, movement, and pipeline management? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a better way. During this session, Greg Goldsmith (ChaosSearch's VP of Product Management) and Dave Armlin (VP of Customer Success) shows you how you can activate your cloud object storage as a hot analytical data lake that supports search and SQL analytics at scale – with no data movement or ETL.

This demo of the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform shows you how you can:

  1. Transform your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage into a hot analytical data lake that supports multiple analytics use cases
  2. Extend log retention indefinitely at dramatically lower cost
  3. Empower your engineers to virtually clean, prep and transform data with no ETL for dynamic data access
  4. Use your existing analytics and visualization tools such as Kibana, Looker and Tableau to create more and faster insights
  5. Quickly create dashboards for data analytics and monitoring



Greg Goldsmith, VP of Product Management, ChaosSearch

Greg Goldsmith is a product and ecosystem strategist with 15+ years of history uncovering market opportunities and delivering data analytics & data management software products, capabilities and go-to-market programs that address them. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional with an MBA focused in Marketing and Strategy from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.


Dave Armlin, VP of Customer Success, ChaosSearch

Dave Armlin is the VP Customer Success of ChaosSearch. In this role, he works closely with new customers to ensure successful deployments, as well as with established customers to help streamline integrating new workloads into the ChaosSearch platform. Dave has extensive experience in big data and customer success from prior roles at Hubspot, Deep Information Sciences, Verizon, and more. Dave loves technology and balances his addiction to coffee with quality time with his wife, daughter, and son as they attack whatever sport is in season. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University.