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The Data Lake for Log Analytics You Already Have

(but just aren't using)

Ah - the original promise of data lakes (you can almost hear the sad trombone). As management complexity and costs became untenable, and the delivered value failed to meet expectations, that original promise soured.

Now fast forward to today! A new approach - anchored by technology you are already using - can deliver ubiquitous data access to all data, empowering businesses to gain insight and take action at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches; and with virtually no future limitations based on speed, scale, or cost.


View this on-demand webinar with the always lively Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, and Thomas Hazel, CTO & Founder of ChaosSearch, where they’ll discuss:

  • Data lakes are hot again, but why? And where is the market going?
  • The data lake vs data warehouse smackdown - who will win and why?
  • Through these evolutions and revolutions - where should your architecture be going?
  • How can you leverage the elasticity and scale of your existing cloud storage to future-proof your data analytics, security and more?