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Data Lakes 2.0 Webinars

Monitor and Analyze your AWS Services Directly in S3

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is composed of hundreds of different services. Most of these services provide valuable events, metrics, and logs that are vital to running a complex, distributed infrastructure.

In this webcast we will cover:

  • Stream your AWS services directly into S3 to get real-time insights from all your infrastructure data
  • Leverage AWS event, log, and metric data from CloudWatch and S3
  • Install and configure services in AWS to collect and send data directly to ChaosSearch
  • Using Kibana, configure dashboards that visualize AWS service data
  • Combine other data sources, such as Kubernetes and application logs, to obtain observability of the health and performance of your entire infrastructure
  • Easily search everything to investigate issues and find the root cause of incidents


This webcast is ideal for product executives, developers, SRE teams – anyone interested in offering new revenue opportunities.