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Make Your Data Lake Deliver - AWSInsider

Without any organization, governance, or integration with known ETL or analytics tools, many data lakes quickly became “data swamps.” Data sits stagnant because users don’t know how to effectively access or glean insights from it. But that fate is NOT inevitable. Modern, productive data lakes are built on cloud object storage, like Amazon S3, and can be activated to support multi-dimensional analytics use cases such as full text search, relational queries, and machine learning.

On the webinar, we’ll share insights into the data lakes of yesterday, today and tomorrow — including how they compare to new approaches such as data mesh. Learn about AWS' vision for cloud object storage; hear about Digital River’s cloud-first strategy and how it's driven their log analytics-centered data lake; and see how ChaosSearch can easily activate Amazon S3 as a hot analytical data lake for you.

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