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Firefighting ELK at 2am and Other Stories From the Trenches

Working in DevOps, you’re a problem solver by trade. You love being part of a mission-critical business function and you pride yourself on delivering fail-proof infrastructure that performs reliably and at scale. But you don’t love the 2am wake-up calls when there’s an issue with your Elasticsearch cluster. You don’t love missing family birthday parties and social events because you can’t turn work off at the end of the day like others can.

This session serves as a meeting of the minds between current and former DevOps pros. They’ll share battle stories along with best practices, lessons learned, and technology “hacks” they’ve learned along the way to improve the stability of their environments (and get more sleep). Attendees will gain tips and tricks for managing a more seamless environment, and you’ll probably get a few laughs in too.


Hear from:

Jimmy McDermott, bringing a wealth of DevOps experience from EdTech start-ups Transeo (where he currently serves as CTO), 162, and Glimpse, and prior experiences at BlueLine Labs and Vokal.

Brian Bost, a former SRE with experiences at Verizon, Telcordia Technologies and Johnson & Johnson. He’s dedicated his recent professional life to finding and delivering solutions via engineering and solution architect roles at New Relic and now ChaosSearch.

Kieran Dunbar, formerly an SRE at CyberArk who has recently joined ChaosSearch as a customer success engineer aiming to help other fellow DevOps folks get more sleep at night.

Thomas Hazel, ChaosSearch founder and CTO, will moderate the discussion and contribute color commentary based on his experience as a serial entrepreneur working to bring solutions to SREs far and wide.