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The Threat Hunter's Mindset

Learn the approach and analytical frameworks that top threat hunters use to find and neutralize hidden threats.

Threat Hunting begins where most cybersecurity defense tools and techniques end: once the perimeter has been compromised.

Advanced persistent threats (APTs), and the malicious actors that run them, take a “slow and low” approach, seeking to linger beneath the radar within your network, collecting intelligence without making waves, and covering their tracks along the way.

But even the best hackers leave clues.


In this webinar we show:

  • How to adopt a Hunter's mindset, and the analytical framework that the best Threat Hunters use.
  • How understanding the 6 common stages of an advanced persistent attack is fundamental to tracking down your adversaries.
  • A breakdown of the recent SolarWinds compromise, focusing on the evidence that Threat Hunters can look for to hunt down and neutralize similar attacks.
  • An interactive workshop demonstrating how Threat Hunters use log analytics to conduct their hunts.