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Log data is exploding, and it’s expensive to retain and access

Most businesses archive or delete log and event data after a few days or weeks because it’s too cost-prohibitive to retain with existing log management solutions. But long-term log and event data can provide insight into the product, system, and security patterns and trends over time. Built as a fully managed SaaS service using your Amazon S3, CHAOSSEARCH has extended the Elasticsearch API to offer the world’s first cost-effective solution to search, query, and visualize terabytes of log data over weeks, months, and years.

Data collection and storage

Data collection and storage is critical to identify security risks

The data necessary to identify the root cause of major security events is often measured in months or even years. However, storing the increasing volume of log and event data in Elasticsearch can break the most robust budgets. Some compliance standards mandate data retention for 7 years or more. Now you can leverage the power of CHAOSSEARCH to cost-effectively analyze months and years of security log and event data within your own Amazon S3 infrastructure. We turn Amazon S3 into a warm, searchable archive.


Hunt, search, and visualize ALL your security and event log data in one place

With increasing emphasis on security and compliance, it is inevitable that your business will go through an audit, either by choice or at the demand of your customers. Be prepared. Use tools like Kibana to rapidly hunt for and identify security issues, breaches, and risky user behaviors. Leverage all the security and availability of Amazon S3 and get access to months and years of security and compliance logs.

Security analytics

Security analytics, incident response and forensics on Amazon S3 log data

Security data collection, processing, and analysis is exploding. Teams need to gain insight from many disparate data sources, including network metadata, endpoint activity, threat intelligence, DNS/DHCP, business applications, and data generated by SaaS applications. As data volumes grow, cybersecurity organizations must spend time determining what and how much data to collect, what data formats are needed, where and how to route that data, which data needs to be de-duplicated, whether or not to compress and/or encrypt data, and where to store it.

CHAOSSEARCH provides a comprehensive in-app Data Refinery that delivers data synthesis, enrichment and contextualization so that all security data elements can be related to one another. All of this with no ETL, no data movement, and no data retention limits. CHAOSSEARCH enables you to analyze data stored on Amazon S3, with sufficient horsepower to query terabytes to petabytes of historical security data for incident response and retrospective investigations.

AWS customers are leveraging ELB logging, but can sometimes be limited when searching and analyzing top IP’s. CHAOSSEARCH’s powerful in-app Data Refinery provides the ability to transform schema on the fly without having to reindex, providing infinitely more granularity and detailed insight. Rather than just focusing on top IP’s customers can now search on top IP’s by port. This is extremely powerful as organizations continue to drive security best practices, but also continue to lock down and secure their infrastructure.

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