Video Series: The 7 Challenges of Big Data Analytics... Start Binging Today! >>>
Video Series: The 7 Challenges of Big Data Analytics... Start Binging Today! >>>
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Complement Splunk with a Security Data Lake

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Lower Costs

Lower the cost of Splunk

Don’t limit yourself to 30-day data retention windows. Save 30-80% on Splunk costs by sending critical security logs to ChaosSearch.

Leverage Strengths

Leverage Splunk’s strengths

Splunk is great for threat detection and incident management. Add a security data lake for more effective troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Analyze at Scale

Analyze security logs at scale

Take down advanced persistent threats by analyzing logs at scale, without ingest or retention limits.

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Dramatically reduce Splunk costs

Centralize all of your telemetry within a security data lake built on low-cost cloud object storage (think AWS S3 or Google Cloud Platform). Rely on a single source of truth for security threat hunting, root cause analysis and compliance reporting. Tap into a security data lake that handles the complexity of logs at a fraction of the cost. Starts at $0.80/GB, with significant discounts at scale.

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Reduce Costs

Centralize Logs

Centralize security logs across applications and infrastructure

Security and SOAR solutions from Splunk are great for advanced threat detection and in-the-moment incident response. But some security incidents, like advanced persistent threats, linger in your applications and infrastructure for far longer than 30 days. Centralize this telemetry in a security data lake to take advantage of unlimited retention and analytics at scale.

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Meet compliance requirements for your log data

Threat hunting and compliance reporting requires data retention that exceeds Splunk’s 30-day limit. Segment your workflows by keeping Splunk for alerting, workflow management and dashboards. Meet complex compliance requirements by retaining the security data you need, like access logs, for as long as you need them.

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Meet Compliance Requirements