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Security Operations

Mitigate advanced persistent threats and meet compliance requirements with unlimited data retention

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Activate your security data lake

Centralize all your infrastructure and security logs in your cloud object storage. A holistic view provides deeper security analytics, better threat detection, and faster incident response.


Manage persistent threats with unlimited retention

Unlimited retention allows SecOps teams to create a unified view of security posture and effectively tackle prevalent advanced persistent threats without breaking the bank.


Meet compliance requirements

Unlimited data retention allows you to more cost-effectively store months and years of data — more than competing security analytics solutions.

Create a single source of truth for all your log data

The fragmentation of the SecOps stack means companies typically have multiple silos of data that make it hard to create a single view across all systems. With the emergence of microservices architectures, monitoring your attack surface is increasingly more complex and expensive. Centralize all your logs in ChaosSearch to have full visibility across your entire infrastructure and tools to tackle internal and external threats.

AWS CloudFront

APT Forensics

Mitigate Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

With cost-effective unlimited retention for all sources of security telemetry, you can analyze the lifecycle of all threats and their origins. The unlimited data retention of our log analysis solution gives you the capability to fight long-tail intrusions, including advanced persistent threats.

  • Monitor all IPs, ports, and endpoints that access your organization's systems
  • Analyze Flow logs at scale
  • Monitor inbound traffic sources and patterns

Simplify security and compliance

Our security-first architecture allows you to keep ownership of all your data and frictionlessly manage access through your SSO, to meet SOC2, GDPR, & HIPAA requirements. Unlimited retention allows you to seamlessly meet more stringent and longer compliance requirements.

Simplify Security

Log Coverage

Complement SIEM Tools with superior log coverage

Your users love Splunk, but your organization hates Splunk’s cost? No problem. Keep Splunk for critical day-to-day security workflows, and use ChaosSearch to centralize all your log data with unlimited retention at a much lower cost. This best-of-breed approach provides you the benefits of both your SIEM’s features and the cost-performant analytical capabilities of our platform. You’re ready to meet the complexity of today’s cybersecurity data analysis.