Analyze Amazon CloudTrail data to identify risky behaviors

Amazon CloudTrail is a powerful service on Amazon AWS that allows you to retain a full audit trail of every API activity across your accounts. It’s simple to set up, but getting detailed insights into your Amazon API usage can be time-consuming and capital intensive. Watch as we dive into some Amazon CloudTrail data with the power of the CHAOSSEARCH platform.


Get quick insights into your Amazon ELB log data

Amazon Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) are a managed service that has the ability to maintain a log of all network and user access. This data can be streamed to your Amazon S3 account without setting up any data pipeline software. Use CHAOSSEARCH to quickly index and visualize this data and better understand user behavior.


Visualize and analyze your Amazon AWS costs

Amazon AWS cloud usage and billing can be incredibly complex to understand. Amazon gives you the ability to export all your AWS usage into an S3 bucket, allowing you the ability to ingest and analyze where your spend is going. Use CHAOSSEARCH to get immediate insights into your Amazon AWS spending, without having to provision additional Amazon services or use third-party databases.


Analyzing open source software projects

Using the power of CHAOSSEARCH, watch as we dive into the open dataset of open source software, frameworks, and tools. We can quickly understand the top software licenses and languages in use across various open source software projects.


Where are all the GitHub Users?

GitHub is a popular site for open source code repositories and collaboration tools for developing software. The GHTorrent project provides a free and open dataset for researchers to analyze the billions of GitHub users, projects, and other activity. Using CHAOSSEARCH we can quickly index this data and start getting immediate answers to find out questions like “Which are the most popular states for GitHub users?”


Major League Baseball deep dive analytics on CHAOSSEARCH

How many fastballs were pitched in 2016? What was the least popular pitch thrown by pitch type? How many pitchers threw a screwball in 2016? Using CHAOSSEARCH, we can quickly get answers to these questions and more without having to move data out of Amazon S3 and without the necessity of deploying visualization tools.


Data deep-dive exploration on CHAOSSEARCH

Watch us search, query, and visualize a large number of different datasets all within the CHAOSSEARCH platform. Get immediate answers to your questions without requiring time-consuming and expensive ETL pipelines, and without ever having to move your data out of Amazon S3.

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