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Simple, fully-managed search and analytics service on your Amazon S3

CHAOSSEARCH is simple to implement and use. We give you a fully-managed service designed to work in your Amazon S3 environment.

With CHAOSSEARCH, you focus on solving business problems rather than managing your data systems. We eliminate the manual work required by other cloud and open source search and analytic solutions. There’s no software or hardware to deploy and configure, and CHAOSSEARCH automatically scales to support your data and users with consistently great performance.

We give you the fastest, most effective path to productivity by streamlining your services in one platform that leverages your entire S3 environment.

CHAOSSEARCH gives you…

One-click schema detection, normalization, and indexing at any scale One-click schema detection, normalization, and indexing at any scale

Elasticsearch compatible API with fully integrated Kibana visualization Elasticsearch compatible API with fully integrated Kibana visualization

Dynamic scalability Dynamic scalability

… without the overhead of extraction, transformation, and loading.

Unlimited data retention

You’ve got data and it’s growing. CHAOSSEARCH lets you keep that data. More importantly, we make it easy for you to keep and access all the data you need. The CHAOSSEARCH platform gives you the ability to store months and years — terabytes — of data directly in your Amazon S3 infrastructure.

Your data is processed and stored directly in your S3 infrastructure, so you never have to deal with data archiving, backups and restores, or redundancy strategies. The CHAOSSEARCH distributed data retention architecture keeps your log data available at all times for instant analysis. Now your team can easily run queries and search any data set, without the headache of launching, managing, and scaling Elasticsearch clusters.

Store weeks, months, and years of data with CHAOSSEARCH.


The Jitterbit data team needed a cloud solution that would enable them to expand their search window from 7 to 90 days and allow them to search and analyze terabytes of data records in near real time.

CHAOSSEARCH delivered an 80% reduction in total cost while opening up an unlimited data window for access.


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CHAOSSEARCH lets you take advantage of Amazon’s highly secure cloud platform by storing all of your data in S3. With CHAOSSEARCH, there is no data movement or external storage of your private data — meaning there are no additional security measures to implement.

The CHAOSSEARCH search and analytics data platform has built-in data cataloging and organizing services designed to work with object storage like Amazon S3. Now you can easily and securely query, search, and analyze any information without moving your data.


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Drive new opportunities

CHAOSSEARCH gives you the ability to take advantage of all your data and uncover new business opportunities. We empower your users to mine data quickly, take action, and deliver meaningful business outcomes.

CHAOSSEARCH delivers multi-tenancy and account management administration to optimize usage and capacity planning across the entire organization. Our intelligent resource scheduling means that your team can perform concurrent workstreams and multiple searches without impacting performance.

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